Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Well done to Andy Murray this morning. He fought toe to toe with Rafa Nadal for two and a bit sets and came out on top. Its a shame that Nadal had to retire, but watching how it was going i doubt Nadal would have lasted 5 sets. I'm a fan of Federer and in my opinion he is still favourite to life the Aussie Open, but hopefully Murray can take his chance this time. I would say that Murray played some excellent tennis to beat Nadal, but so did Federer to beat Hewitt - and he made it look like a stroll!.
Lets hope they both get to the final and its a good one, whoever wins.

Poker has gone pretty poorly in the last week in comparison to how it had gone in the previous two. I've ran pretty much break even, but cleared the $1500 January sale bonus. I had one pretty huge tilting session where i lost $700 in 10 minutes, but thankfully my image and some lucky flops meant i got $500 of that straight back. It was an unusual thing for me because i don't normally tilt and in the odd times i do i try to stop playing.

I've dropped off the pace on the PTR winners board, but am still there on the PL board. Its funny how i do much better at PL - I always have done - and i don't think its because i differ in my play. Maybe there are the opportunities to see cheaper flops or the fact that flops are multiway more. I do think some regulars avoid them and also some of the push/fold short stackers for obvious reasons. I don't go out of my way to sit at PL tables, but maybe i will start making a conscious effort to for the rest of the month and see what happens.


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MickyB said...

Betfair have Murray as favourite, presumably that will change if/when Roger makes it through to the semis.

$700 in 10 minutes is pretty impressive. I find Pot Limiters very happy to call raises they wouldn't at NL, despite the limit being relevant so infrequently.